Client Recommendations for RMP's Facilitation

“Bryan is a professional and strong facilitator who relates well to staff at all levels.  As a regular facilitator for Austrade, he teases out critical issues to ensure that the objectives from each session are consistently achieved to a high level.  Bryan's mentoring capabilities have enabled us to progress large projects effectively, after only a few short and sharp sessions - clarifying scope, roles, deliverables and efficient strategies for getting the job done.” David Moore, A/g Group Manager Business Effectiveness(Austrade Canberra)


Risk Management Facilitating

Whether short on resources or you want to take a back seat and participate on a difficult risk assessment, Bryan Whitefield is your man.  Bryan often describes Risk Management workshop facilitating as one of the bits of gold we deliver during our consulting assignments because this is when risk professionals have the greatest opportunity to turn the naysayers in to believers.  Bryan specialises in identifying during the workshop the managers and staff that think risk assessment is putting a hand brake on their high performance machine and then bringing them around to realising the benefits of these focus sessions.

Another advantage of using Bryan as a Risk Management facilitator is his complete independence from the issues to be addressed.   An in-house facilitator usually “knows too much” or is perceived to have a conflict of interest because they are pushing their own or their boss’s agenda.  Bryan provides a new perspective, works the room and ensures by the end of the Risk Management workshop, management understands the benefits of the process which then underpins the ongoing success of the Risk Management program.

In the video Bryan explains how he works as a Risk Management facilitator.


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