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Find out where you are on your risk management journey by taking this simple 10 question/3-minute online RMP Healthcheck. Our online Risk Management Healthcheck is a high level overview of RMP’s Risk Maturity Model. After completing the online RMP Healthcheck you will receive a score, rating your risk management maturity level from “Vulnerable” to “Resilient”. For a deeper analysis of your risk management maturity and for guidance along your path to becoming a risk resilient organisation please consider a full RMP Healthcheck. For more detail on RMP’s full Risk Maturity Model please go to our Risk Benchmarking page via the menu on the left or call RMP on (02) 9400 9702 or email info@rmpartners.com.au.
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1. Strategy and Performance - Risk management is fully integrated into the governance framework of our organisation and we actively manage our strategic risk profile in step with our strategic plan.

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